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What Is A Fido Agreement

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We can change any aspect of a monthly service and the corresponding agreement as long as we inform you in writing at least 30 days in advance. We may also change aspects of a terminology service and the corresponding agreement, with a keyword, as defined in the Canadian Broadcasting Commission`s (CRTC) wireless code, after at least 30 days after prior written notification. In both cases, we will send you the written notification by billing message, SMS, mail, email or Father to your under-entry my account, which is available at, and it will explain the change and explain when it will take effect. We charge a 9-1-1 emergency access fee (non-government fee) for providing access to 9-1-1 service and all applicable provincial government 9-1-1 charges, once a month from your prepaid phone account (there is no issue fee for calls from your mobile device at 9-1-1). For more information, see If you dial a number away from your physical location, it is a long-distance call. When using the call transfer, a distance charge is due if the number you are making the call is outside the geographic location associated with your mobile phone number, regardless of your physical location. Visit for current long-haul fares. On your final tally, you will find the fee for services you have put into service until the date of cancellation of your service.

If you are a Fido Mobile customer, a Recovery Fee (DSRF) device applies if your service is terminated before the end of your validity period. For more information, see Fido`s service contract. These conditions were written in English at the express request of the parties. These terms and conditions have been drafted in English at the express request of the parties. If you would like a copy of these conditions in French, please visit or request a copy in the store. Go to the «Phone» tab in the «My Account» app or under the My Device section in You can also see it on your monthly bill in the «Additional fees/credits depending on the taxes payable.» For tips on how to understand the Fido payment program on your bill, please visit If you subscribe to an appointment service that you cancel before the expiry of the period, an advance cancellation fee will be charged, as stated in the service contract for that service term («Cancellation Early Fee»). These conditions work with the following documents to provide your full agreement («agreement») with us and provide you with important information, you need to help you fully understand your services: Not applicable to the people of Newfoundland or Quebec City: We can change any aspect of a monthly month-to-month service or long-term service, as well as any clause or provision of an agreement, by prior written notification by text message, SMS, SMS, mail, email or message to your Mon account, available under

If you do not accept the amendment, your remedy will be to terminate the services or agreements concerned by informing us of the cancellation provided for in Section 2 (e) within 30 days of receiving our notice of amendment (unless we establish another notice or other remedy). Your agreement with all changes is the complete agreement between you and Fido for the corresponding services. If there is inconsistency between the materials listed above and these conditions, these conditions are a priority. If you have a problem that has not been resolved, we ask you to submit a «Share a Request» form (under and we will respond within 1 business day. If you are not satisfied with the resolution of a member of our management team, you also have the opportunity to speak with our office of the president or even directly with the office of the ombudsman.

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