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Vendor Terms Agreement

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Supplier contracts have become more common in recent times, particularly in the rural real estate market, where low wages, who are unable to qualify for established financing, are targeted by real estate sales companies that offer the opportunity to own their own home. The buyer and seller do not arrange the financing terms through the banks, but privately, and the buyer pays the purchase price of the property to the seller in installments. Iv. The seller accepts that, within fifteen (15) working days from the buyer`s previous request («request for destruction») or the termination/expiration of the contract, all copies of confidential information, in any form (except for the portion of confidential information that can be found in analyses, compilations, studies or other documents prepared by the seller or for the seller or his representatives («analysis»), are returned to the buyer or destroyed if the buyer requests it, and the seller, at the request of one of its representatives, is responsible for verifying such a return; However, provided that the seller may retain a copy of the buyer`s confidential information for legal archiving or backup purposes, the copy of which is kept in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. The analyses can also be carried out by the seller and subject to the terms of this contract or destroyed. Unless expressly authorized by this section 17 (iv), the seller may not use or access confidential information after receiving a request to destroy or terminate/expiration of the agreement. For a period of two (2) years after the completion of services by the seller or the date on which the goods delivered and/or goods were delivered in accordance with this agreement: Depending on what is subsequent, the purchaser has the right to check from time to time (i) the costs of the seller and other goods related to the terms of this Agreement, (ii) to verify compliance with the terms of the agreement and (iii) the seller`s information security practices, including, but not limited to, physical systems, written directives, procedures and vulnerability tests of the systems and infrastructures useful to the provision of services. The seller, on reasonable request and at reasonable opening hours, makes available to the seller the seller`s documents, registrations and invoices for verification and reproduction by the buyer and his duly accredited representatives, to the extent necessary to carry out a check in accordance with this section. If an audit report finds that the seller does not comply with the agreement (including the requirements for annexes or modifications): (i) the seller submits to the buyer, within thirty (30) days after receiving the corresponding audit report, a plan to improve and facilitate the seller`s performance at the level required by this agreement; (ii) the seller is considered to be immediately late to the contract and the buyer may terminate the contract without additional notification to the seller in accordance with Section 12, point iii); and (iii) The seller reimburses the buyer for all co-assessment costs of the buyer and any other damages incurred by the buyer, as revealed by the examination (including any overpayments discovered and all related legal fees).

Several obstacles often affect and limit the success of negotiations in this area. The risk itself can be a moving target. For example, in the case of acquiring a customer base for IT services (regardless of the sector), how does customer reduction, revenue forecasts and loss of key personnel affect the price (value) paid? Certain sectors such as professional services, credit unions, software licensing and cybersecurity have specific business rules. Some entire sectors face additional rules governing the access and use of customer data by a wide range of agencies: HHS, FINRA, SEC, FTC, FCC and Attorneys General.

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