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1986 Blet National Agreement

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March 1, 2000 – Designated Supervisor of Engineers Agreement (.html) This letter of understanding provides for the use of engineers for recertification visits and LET observations. Engineers selected under this agreement receive $240 per day. 1948 National Convention 1949 National Convention 1952 National Convention 1955 National Convention 1957 National Convention 1960 National Agreement 1964 National Agreement 1964 National Agreement 1967 National Agreement 1969 National Agreement 1971 National Agreement 1 1964 National Agreement 1964 73 National Convention 1975 National Convention 1978 National Convention 1982 National Convention 1986 National Convention 1991 National Convention 2003 National Accord 2007 BLET 2012 National Engineer`s Agreement | SynopsisBLET 2007 National Engineer`s Agreement | SynopsisBLET 2003 National Engineer`s Agreement | questions and answers| SynopsisBLET 1996 Basic agreement on | letters Questions and answersBLET 1991 National Engineer`s Agreement | Side LettersBLET 1986 National Engineer`s Agreement | Side LettersBLET 1982 National Engineer`s AgreementBLET 1978 National Engineer`s AgreementBLET 1975 National Engineer`s AgreementBLET 1971 National Engineer`s AgreementBLET 1969 National Engineer`s s AgreementBLET 1964 National Engineer`s AgreementBLET 1952 National Engineer`s AgreementBLET 1949 National Engineer`s Agreement 1999: The BLET / Norfolk Southern Agreement for the Nickel Plate Territory (). PDF) is a consolidated agreement that has brought together several contracts, some of which date back nearly 45 years, into a single book for the entire former NKP and Wabash Railroads. Some provisions of these old contracts have been maintained and refer to «only applies to Wabash (or NKP, LEW, etc.) » at the beginning of the rule or paragraph. May 1, 1996 – BLE / Norfolk Southern System Agreement (.html) This agreement governed separate wage and settlement decisions, with the exception of the national agreement negotiated that year. This also applied to the Thoroughbred Bonus for Engineers, which is still in effect today.

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